It's About Time

As I have long complained that Chrome for Android did not support blocking third-party cookies, I was happy to learn that the latest version (41) introduced this functionality. Firefox for Android is still my browser of choice, as is Firefox on the desktop as of late. However, it is good to know that Google finally resolved this issue.

As a quick note about Firefox for Android, I really like this browser. It uses the real Firefox rendering engine, and it is a very fast browser in general. Additionally, the folks at Mozilla have already patched the issue found in the most recent HP Zero Day Initiative "Pwn2Own" contest, as this was included in the release notes for the update I received today (3/20/2015).

On one last note, Android is truly the most open mobile platform at the moment. Think about it. What other modern mobile OS allows the installation of the true version of a third party browser? While iOS allows third party browsers, Apple does not allow those third party browsers to use their true rendering and JavaScript engines. The same is true of Windows Phone.

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