Dear Microsoft,

You guys must be really worried about the Chromebook. Otherwise, why on earth would you put out an ad such as this that is filled with inaccuracies? Let's take a quick look at where you guys messed up on your little ad here:

1) The ad says because Chromebook applications are web based, when you're not connected, it's pretty much a brick. This is completely false. There are native applications that Chromebook users can install that work just fine when you're offline.

2) The ad states that the Chromebook is not a real laptop because it doesn't have Windows or Office. I guess a Macbook Air is also not a real laptop, since it does not have Windows? Here's something interesting. Office Web Apps run just fine on Chromebook. Furthermore, Google Docs works just fine offline on a Chromebook. Furthermore, if I wanted to modify a Chromebook to run Windows, I could (not that I ever would), but I've seen it done. It's still a real laptop with real laptop components.

3) The ad says that without WiFi the Chromebook does not do much at all. Again, not counting offline apps, most Chromebooks have a built in cellular data option, and they transition seamlessly between cellular data and WiFi.

4) The ad says when you are online, Google tracks what you do so they can sell ads. In light of recent revelations about what the NSA is doing, targeted ads are the least of people's privacy concerns. However, the ad is disingenuous here because Windows itself (apps) serves up ads.

Let's also take a look at Microsoft's privacy policy which clearly states, "And we may use the information to help make the ads you see on our ad-supported services more relevant."

A little hypocritical don't you think?

Oh, and by the way, Google users can opt not to have their web history tracked and delete the info through the Google Dashboard at any time.

While I am all for competition in the marketplace, this ad needs to be pulled. Make ads that show me why I should buy a Windows laptop; ads that show me the cool things one can do with a Windows laptop, not trash its competitors.



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