Gmail for iOS Wishlist

I had previously written about my experiences with Gmail 2.0 for iOS, and I concluded my article with the decision that I would stick with the stock iOS mail app. For the time being, I have gone back to using GMail 2.0 on my iPhone, as I have found that my overall GMail experience is in fact better within GMail 2.0, but I have some suggestions (just in case anyone from Google happens upon this) for the improvement for this app...

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The ability to share attachments from Google Drive...




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The ability to sign out of one account without signing out of them all...

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Completely overhaul the way that HTML emails are rendered. Take away the margins on the sides and use the entire canvas for the email display. Take a look at the screenshot to the right, and you will see the margins, which take up valuable space that could be used to make the email content readable.

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The ability to delete all items in the trash at once, rather than having to manually check each item and then delete.

I would also like to see Google incorporate to-do style actions into GMail for iOS. Mailbox looks great, but I am not keen on giving my Google account credentials to a third-party and letting it access my Google account on my behalf until I know more about their security practices, other than the standard spiel about them using SSL and not storing passwords. I would also like to see the app itself load up a bit faster than it currently does.

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