Our Engineer

One morning this past summer, our middle child, Luke, was attempting to watch Johnny Test on Netflix on our Wii. I use the word "attempting" in the previous sentence because the particular episode he was trying to watch would not load. As I watched him troubleshoot this problem, it amazed me what an analytical mind Luke has.

His troubleshooting steps (none of which were prompted by me)...

He tried to load the show three times, but each time it stalled and would not play. His older brother walked away and got a book.

He walked over to the modem and router. All lights were blinking as they should be.

He exited the Netflix app and re-entered it. Same result - no Johnny Test

He rebooted the Wii and entered the Netflix app again - same result.

He switched to kid centric interface on the Netflix app on the Wii and navigated to the same episode. Success.

Not bad for a seven year old.

If anyone of our three (although Livy is too young to tell) is going to be an engineer when they grow up, it will be Luke.

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