Initial Thoughts on Ubuntu 19.04

Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) is the latest and greatest version of Ubuntu. Even though it was released just today, I have played around with the beta on my laptop, using it as my daily driver since it was released towards the end of March. Ultimately, Ubuntu is Ubuntu, and aside from the Ubuntu-specific, default Yaru theme looking a bit more polished, it is really not all that much different in terms of looks than 18.10. There a few major changes, including but not limited to the addition of the latest version of Gnome Shell, as well as version 5.0 of the Linux kernel.

The folks at Canonical have done some fantastic work on this release, as it feels like Ubuntu 19.04 is much faster overall. It still uses more RAM than elementary OS uses, but it uses less than 18.10 used. I had a bit of trouble with the beta, where it would re-add my printer (local network) and constantly throw up notifications stating as such. I finally got fed up with it and switched back to elementary. As this newly released (stable) version of 19.04 is a fresh install, I am holding my breath that this issue does not return and that I had just mucked something up somehow. (I tend to do that with every distro I install because I love to experiment and tinker.)

The only issue that I have run into so far occured when I installed the dash to dock extension. I prefer my dock at the bottom of the screen (hidden and out of the way), and I detest the default Ubuntu dock. The dash to dock extension for some reason could not be enabled. I could tweak some of the settings, but it was not showing up as being enabled. However, a quick reboot fixed this.

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