The Art Directed Journal

Volume IX (2020)

Planners and Journals

iOS 14 App Library (a brief rant)

New Life for an Old iMac Part 3

My Reading List for 2020

New Life for an Old iMac Part 2

New Life for an Old iMac

Volume VIII (2019)

Merry Christmas 2019

elementary OS 5.1 Hera

Happy Thanksgiving 2019

The Next iPhone SE (A Letter to Tim Cook)

Thoughts on the September 2019 iPhone Event

Minimal Install

External Image Display in GMail for iOS

A Few Things I Have Read & Watched Lately

Do Android Updates Matter?

Paste Protection in elementary OS

iOS Notes vs Google Keep

iOS 13 and the iPhone SE?

Initial Thoughts on Ubuntu 19.04

A Few Things I'm Reading This Weekend

elementary OS

What I Miss About the Mac

Looking Forward to 2019

Volume VII (2018)

Glory to God in the Highest

The Watch

Changes Apple Should Make to the iOS Home Screen

Thanksgiving 2018

iPhone SE

A Few Thoughts on Using my Ten Year-Old iMac

A Brief Update on Quitting Facebook

The Case for Firefox

Why Linux?


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Volume VI (2017)

Christmas 2017

A Few Random Thoughts

What I Use

iPhone X

Quitting Facebook

In Praise of the Humble Composition Book

Volume V (2016)

Thoughts on Remix OS

Volume IV (2015)

Christmas 2015

Thoughts on the Future of Windows Phone

An Open Letter to Motorola

Thoughts on the September 2015 Apple Event

Don't Worry

Jurassic Park

It's About Time

A Few Thoughts on the March 2015 Apple Event

The Thankfulness Project

Olivia's Third Birthday

One Thing Well

Intentions for 2015

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Volume III (2014)

The Humble Cassette Tape

The Reason for the Season (2014)

My Apple Story

Thoughts on the Moto G

All I Really Need

The Code to Get to Mike Tyson

Another Summer Vacation Has Come to a Close

Why Can't You Uninstall?

Music and Memories

Fun with Excel

I ♥ Magazines

Nokia Lumia 521


A Few Thoughts on Watches

Android Security

An Open Letter to Reebok

Thoughts on Office Mobile

iPod Shuffle

Thoughts on Apple, Screen Size, and Convergence

Pinewood Derby 2014

G2 Update


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Volume II (2013)

The Greatest Gift

Dear Microsoft

Happy Halloween (2013)



My Favorite Phone Ever

Casey at the Bat

Gmail for iOS Wishlist

Our Engineer

Ink for iOS

For the Gaming Lovers

The Old Mac

Sometimes It's the Little Things

I Can Only Get Better

Specs Don't Matter

Battle of the Text Editors

The Race

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Volume I (2009-2012)

What's Old is New

That's What Christmas is All About, Charlie Brown

Now You're Playing with Power

Just Be Thankful


The Time Issue

The Retro Gaming Issue

The Art of Shaving (Part II)

My Top Three Favorite Kicks of All Time

The Death of the Optical Disc

Thoughts on Organization

Thoughts on Minimalism

The Art of Shaving

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